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Keira On For “The Emperor’s Children”

Empire Online reports that Keira has signed on to Noah Baumbach’s film The Emperor’s Children:

Messud’s tome follows three Brown College graduates in their late 20s looking ahead to their lives with no little trepidation. The story takes place a few months before and then a few months after 9/11 in New York.

Knightley would likely play Marina Thwaite, the beautiful daughter of a social activist and journalist who is struggling to finish her first book, titled The Emperor’s Children Have No Clothes (you says the title, you wins the prize), while Bana is most suited for Ludovic, an ambitious Aussie who woos Marina to get himself invited into Manhattan’s high society. No idea yet which role Gere’s down for.

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  1. Play more movies similar to DOMINO! That movie makes me feel like a real woman. You rock in that movie. Enough of the pretty dresses and hot guys running after you. I love seeing women helping themselves and being one with the men. Choco is a real man and Will Turner can run away with his real mate, Cinderella.

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