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TWC Acquires ‘The Imitation Game’

Deadline is reporting that The Weinstein Company acquired ‘The Imitation Game’ with a record breaking deal at the Berlinale Film Festival market.

In what I am told will go down as the highest price paid ever for U.S. cumbrights on a movie at the European Film Market, The Weinstein Company has locked a deal to pay $7 million for The Imitation Game, the Graham Moore Black List script that Morten Tyldum directed with Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing, the genius British mathematician, logician, cryptologist and computer scientist who led the charge to crack the German Enigma Code that helped the Allies win WWII. Keira Knightley also stars in a film that will be shaped as a major release for the next awards season.

CAA brokered this deal based on a promo reel that had five bidders going after it hard before TWC just took it off the table, with the feeling that it has one of its major Oscar hopefuls for the next race. TWC currently has Philomena in the Best Picture race that will be decided next month.

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‘The Graham Norton Show’ Promotional Stills

I have added HQ promotional images of The Graham Norton show to our gallery:

Graham chats to Keira Knightley and director Kenneth Branagh, both discussing Jack Ryan. The show will air on Friday, at BBC One. Thanks Annie for the images.

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Additional ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ UK Premiere Photos

Me and Lindsey added over 300 HQ pictures from Jack Ryan UK premiere to the gallery. Check the previews below and go to our gallery for more:

Huge thanks to Nicole, Annie and Holly for their contribution.