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Keira covers Marie Claire Australia

Keira is on the cover of Septembers issue of Marie Claire Australia. Check out the cover in the gallery, she looks great. Hopefully more from this photoshoot will be released soon. Read the interview below.

The setting for our cover shoot with Keira Knightley looks like something out of a dream sequence from Gossip Girl. The sunny Los Angeles studio is filled with racks of couture clothing. On a table flanked by beefy security guards sits more than $2 million in jewellery; another holds dozens of pairs of shoes. I finger the jewels in front of the stone-faced guards while waiting for Knightley, the new face of Coco Mademoiselle, to make her entrance. I half expect the young actress to sashay into the room with heaving bosom and hoop skirt – after all, no woman alive has brought more sex and intrigue to period dramas – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead, a young woman appears at the door in a pleated skirt and blazer with brown lace-up shoes, greeting everyone with sweet, clipped hellos. Spotting Ben, her hairdresser, she makes a dash from the crowd around her and engulfs him with hugs and kisses. This girl knows where her bread is buttered. Continue reading Keira covers Marie Claire Australia

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New Layout

Welcome to a new summer version of Keira Knightley Fan! The site was in desperate need of a new layout so I hope you like the change. We’ve again kept it simple with this layout but we think it works!

If anyone notices any errors or has any problems please do let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it! Please leave any feedback you might have in the comments :]

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Flaunt Photoshoot

I’ve added a gorgeous new photoshoot of Keira by Yu Tsai for Flaunt. The style and colors of this shoot are just incredible, one of Keira’s best recent editorials for me. Enjoy!