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“Never Let Me Go” to Debut at Toronto

Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan’s drama “Never Let Me Go” is to premiere at September’s Toronto International Film Festival. A showcase for potential Academy Awards contenders, the Toronto festival announced many of the titles that will have their world premieres at the event Sept. 9-19. “Never Let Me Go” casts Knightley and Mulligan as boarding school friends coming to grips with their sheltered past as adults in the real world.

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‘Maze’ Review

At the same time as his exhibition of paintings over at Riflemaker, Stuart Pearson Wright is also showing a new film work just a few minutes walk away, downstairs at 1 Berwick Street, Soho. The film – entitled Maze – is not your usual artist’s video piece – it co-stars Keira Knightley for a start – and it’s really rather captivating.

Maze is a two-screen work that sees the artist and Keira Knightley dressed up in full Elizabethan court regalia trying to find their way through an increasingly impenetrable Longleat maze and into each other’s arms. The film begins in bright sunlight, the hedgerows lushly green as Constance (Knightley) and Edmund (Pearson Wright) make their way with coy enthusiasm through the maze and, so they imagine, towards each other.

At this stage all is rosy, but there’s an early sign of what is to come. Turning a corner too tightly, Knightley gets her elaborate hair tangled up in branches and leaves. In painfully extricating herself she leaves behind one of the pearls that had adorned her head. It contrasts nicely with another moment when a foppish Pearson Wright brushes a leaf disdainfully from his velvet shoulder. From here things go down hill rapidly as it becomes increasingly apparent that the two aren’t going to find each other.

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New Layout!

With it being almost summer, I thought

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it was high time for a new layout! The old one was very dark so I’m hoping that you’ll like the nice light theme of this one. It features Keira’s gorgeous Glamour shoot and was made by yours truly. If you have any problems with the layout or spot any wrong turns etc, please let one member of staff know and we will do our best to fix it! Please leave any feedback in the comments! Also, don’t forget to follow Keira Knightley Fan on Twitter @KeiraKFan.

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Photoshoot Additions

Hello everyone, my name is Mikaela and I am going to help out the staff here at Keira Knightley Fan. You may know me from my other sites, like Kristen Bell Network or Ashley Greene Fan.

For my first update here at KKF I have added some shoots that were missing at the gallery, some from 2003, 2005 and 2008. For now I have added 100+ outtakes to the gallery and I will be adding more as soon as possible. Enjoy these for now!

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Keira Joins “The Dangerous Method”

According to Empire Online, Keira has now signed on to David Cronenberg’s film, which has changed its title from The Talking Cure to The Dangerous Method:

David Cronenberg’s third collaboration with Viggo Mortensen is no longer called The Talking Cure, and will henceforth be known as The Dangerous Method. Maybe the former just wasn’t sexy enough for those Universal execs. Who the hell wants to go see a movie about, like, talking?

So the movie will sport a different title from Christopher Hampton’s (Dangerous Liaisons) original play, but otherwise the song remains more or less the same: a three-hander drama about Sigmund Freud arguing with his pupil, Carl Jung, and Jung’s affair with the emotionally volatile patient Sabina.

The play sold out its 2003 London run starring Ralph Fiennes as Jung, Dominic Rowan as Freud and Jodhi May as Sabina. Cronenberg’s version will feature Mortensen as Freud (replacing Christophe Waltz at short notice), Michael Fassbender as Jung, and Keira Knightley as Sabina.

Producer Jeremy Thomas (who worked with Cronenberg on Crash and Naked Lunch) promised Deadline that the film will feature “lots of spirited sex”. Hoorah! Shooting starts next month in Germany.

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Keira in “Tender is the Night”

According to The Guardian, Keira has been offered a role in Tender is the Night alongside Matt Damon.

If last year’s Oscar-winning The Curious Case of Benjamin Button excised almost all trace of F Scott Fitzgerald’s short story from the final cut, fans of the celebrated author may find solace fin reports that his final novel now looks set to get the big-screen treatment.

Keira Knightley and Matt Damon are in talks to star in a new version of Tender Is the Night, according to the Padiba blog. Fitzgerald’s 1934 novel was previously filmed in 1962 with Jason Robards and Jennifer Jones as the rich but troubled couple Dick and Nicole Diver. It is set on the French Riveria, where the doctor and his wife live a seemingly idyllic existence that masks the dark heart of their relationship. The book was listed at No 28 on the 100 greatest novels of the 20th century by the Modern Library in 1998.