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Keira in “The Misanthrope”

The Daily Mail reports that Keira will appear in a play called The Misanthrope alongside Damian Lewis and Tara Fitzgerald. The show will commence its run in December and Keira will play Jennifer.

Keira Knightley has cancelled her close-ups in front of movie cameras for a while so she can make her stage debut in the West End in December.

Last night, the Oscar-nominated actress was said to be ‘terrified but excited’ about appearing in a modern-day version of Moliere’s 17th century masterpiece The Misanthrope, in which she will play a flirtatious Hollywood film star, joining an ensemble cast led by Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre actor Damian Lewis, who plays the title role.

Tara Fitzgerald and Dominic Rowan will also star. Rehearsals start the middle of next month, with preview performances at the Comedy Theatre from December 7 and an official opening night on December 17.

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“Suicide Brothers” Stills

New stills from The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers short film were released recently. Because we lost all of the pictures we already had from the film, I took the opportunity to try and replenish the gallery with new Suicide Brothers pictures, including older movie stills, set pictures, and screen captures from the Making Of. The film will be screened at the Foyle Film Festival in November.

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Site News

Hello again everyone! Just some information for those people who have been trying to access Keira Knightley Fan over the past few days; last week our site was unfortunately hacked and as a result we lost everything. All our old gallery, site content etc is gone and so now Sarika and I have to start from scratch. This site has been online from around 2004, so you can imagine how much we have lost and how devastated we are. Nevertheless we have already begun rebuilding the gallery – where we already have over 7,000 images, and that number is growing daily. As the gallery is probably more important to you, our visitors we will continue working on that until it is as complete as when can get it thus the sites content will be worked on last. However we have opened up this news page so we can keep you up to date with what Keira is doing. If anyone has anything they’d like to donate, then please do get in touch. Even the littlest things would help in this situation!