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Quoting Keira
"All through my life what I've loved doing is watching movies. I love the escapism of film, I love stories. So it is incredible to be able to be in them as much as I am, to see them from the first stitch in a costume to the end product."
Press Archives

Welcome to our press archives, where you’ll find online articles, interviews and magazine features of Keira from throughout her career. We aim to make this section as complete a resource as you’d hope to find, so if you have any articles that we may be missing, be sure to contact us so we can add it in. The archives will be updated as often as possible, allowing fans to have a reliable way of keeping track of Keira’s latest interviews.

Magazine and Press Articles from 2018

2018.11: Dancing free – Harpers Bazaar UK
2018.09: ‘Colette’ star Keira Knightley isn’t here for being a ‘muse,’ lawyers up for paparazzi – USA Today
2018.09: Keira Knightley looks to ‘Colette’ for courage in the battle against her own self-doubt – Los Angeles Times
2018.02: On Beauty: Keira Knightley – Vogue UK
2018.02: Keira Knightley Wants You to Make Mistakes – ELLE
2018.01: Keira Knightley on ‘Colette,’ Pushing for Social Change, and if She’ll Ever Direct – Variety

Magazine and Press Articles from 2017

2017.10: Keira Knightley on her friend Benedict Cumberbatch – Harpers Bazaar UK

Magazine and Press Articles from 2016

2016.12: In conversation with Keira Knightley – Harpers Bazaar UK

Magazine and Press Articles from 2015

2015.10: Keira Knightley, Making Her Broadway Debut, Is Not Afraid of the Dark – New York Times
2015.09: Everything is Illuminated – ELLE
2015.05: Love Forever and Forever – Violet
2015.03: Keira: The Next Chapter – ELLE UK
2015.01: Keira Knightley ponders acting, feminism and a new role as a mother – Los Angeles Times
2015.01: Keira Knightley on Faking Her Way Through ‘The Imitation Game’ and Getting Loose for ‘Laggies’ – IndieWire

Magazine and Press Articles from 2014

2014.12: ‘The Imitation Game’s Keira Knightley On How She And The Cast Rallied To Bring Alan Turing’s Tale To Life – Deadline
2014.11: Girl Most Likely… – Glamour UK
2014.10: Keira Knightley on Laggies, Imitation Game, and Hating High School – Vulture
2014.10: Keira Knightley loved playing a slacker in Laggies – Toronto Star
2014.10: Keira Knightley: ‘I used to try to be sensible and good and professional’ – The Guardian
2014.10: The Heroine – The Edit
2014.10: Keira Knightley Still Doesn’t Feel Like A Grown-Up – Refinery29
2014.09: Please Welcome the New Keira Knightley – Vanity Fair
2014.08: Patrick Demarchelier by Keira Knightley – Interview
2014.07: Keira Knightley: ‘I like playing awkward women that I wouldn’t necessarily like’ – Time Out London
2014.07: Keira Knightley: ‘They are living in hell. What bloody right do I have to cry?’ – The Telegraph
2014.07: Keira Knightley: ‘The criticism was tough’ – The Guardian
2014.07: Keira: How to Be a Woman – ELLE UK
2014.06: Begin Again: The Spotify Interview – Spotify
2014.06: Keira Knightley on life after Begin Again: ‘I’m happy to get back in a corset’ – Express

Magazine and Press Articles from 2013

2013.05: The Edge of Love – Rika
2013.02: This year’s 33 brightest stars, up close and unscripted – W Magazine
2013.02: Keira the Conquerer – Marie Claire

Magazines and Press Articles from 2012

2012.11: Keira Knightley inhabits the 2000s – W Magazine
2012.11: Knightley, Wright have a long history with history – USA Today
2012.11: Keira Knightley Talks to Us About Anna Karenina, Kissing Her Hot Co-Stars, and More – Glamour
2012.11: Keira Knightley, Anna Karenina of Our Time – Esquire
2012.11: Keira Knightley on Her Starring Role in ‘Anna Karenina’ – ELLE
2012.11: Oscars Q&A: Keira Knightley – Deadline
2012.11: Keira Knightley & Director Joe Wright Talk “Anna Karenina” & Living Life on a Stage – Complex
2012.11: Keira Knightley talks ‘Anna’ and imperfections – Boston Globe
2012.11: Keira Knightley On Almost Being Beaten By Mr. Darcy – Backstage
2012.10: Poise and Passion – Vogue
2012.09: Keira Knightley takes on Anna Karenina – The Guardian
2012.09: Keira Knightley Discusses The Challenges Of Playing ‘Anna Karenina,’ Having A Little Fun On Blockbuster ‘Jack Ryan’ – IndieWire
2012.09: Lady of the Manor – Harpers Bazaar UK
2012.07: Q&A: Keira Knightley – NOW Toronto
2012.06: Keira Knightley & First-Time Director Lorene Scafaria on ‘Seeking A Friend’ – ELLE
2012.04: The Naked Truth – Interview
2012.03: Keira Knightley gets edgy for her latest role – Vogue Australia
2012.03: Girl, interpreted – GQ
2012.01: Keira Knightley: ‘Sometimes I just sit on the bathroom floor and burst into tears’ – The Independent
2012.01: Keira Knightley: Spanking? Only after vodka – The Telegraph

Magazines and Press Articles from 2011

2011.11: Keira Knightley on Understanding S&M, But Not Quite Understanding Zombies – Vulture
2011.11: Keira Knightley details her hysteria in “Dangerous Method” – Reuters
2011.11: The Knightley Courageous
2011.09: Dangerous Method’ Star Keira Knightley On Self Confidence, Skype Casting and Yes, Spankings – The Hollywood Reporter
2011.05: Keira Knightley Stays True – Interview
2011.04: Keira Knightley: I still have something to prove – Sydney Morning Herald
2011.01: Keira Knightley: ‘I didn’t feel I deserved my success’ – The Guardian

Magazines and Press Articles from 2010

2010.04: Keira Knightley: Ruff and ready – The Independent
2010.03: Quite Knightley – ELLE

Magazines and Press Articles from 2008

2008.11: ‘The Duchess’ herself, Keira Knightley – Los Angeles Times
2008.09: Keira Knightley loves period films, hates corsets – TODAY
2008.09: Keira Knightley, fashion chameleon – Los Angeles Times
2008.02: Keira & James – W Magazine

Magazines and Press Articles from 2007

2007.12: Keira Knightley’s ‘Atonement’ attraction – Orange County Register